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Introduction to Community-Based Nursing by Roberta Hunt

Author(s):        Hunt, Roberta

ISBN No.:         9780781772471     Edition:  Revised

Pages:  528      Year:    200802      Format: eBooks

Unit I: BASIC CONCEPTS IN COMMUNITY-BASED NURSING 1: Overview of Community Based Nursing 2: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention 3: Culture Care 4: Family Care Unit II: SKILLS FOR COMMUNITY- BASED NURSING PRACTICE 5: Assessment: Individual, Family and Population 6: Health Teaching 7: Continuity of Care: Discharge Planning and Case Management Unit III: COMMUNITY-BASED NURSING ACROSS THE LIFE SPAN 8: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention for Maternal/Infant Populations, Children, and Adolescents 9: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention for Adults 10: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention for Elderly Adults Unit IV: SETTINGS FOR PRACTICE 11: Practice Settings and Specialties 12: Home Health Care Nursing 13: Specialized Home Health Care Nursing 14: Mental Health Nursing in Community-Based Settings 15: Global Health and Community-Based Care Unit V: IMPLICATIONS FOR FUTURE PRACTICE 16: Trends in Community Based Nursing Appendix A: Nutrition Questionnaires for Infants, Children, and Adolescents Appendix B: Implications for Teaching at Various Developmental Stages Appendix C: Cognitive Stages and Approaches to Patient Education with Children Glossary Index..


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