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Practical guide to forecasting financial market mobility by Ser-Huang Poon 25 April 2020

Practical guide to Forecasting Financial Market Volatility by Ser-Huang Poon Author(s):        Poon, Ser-Huang ISBN No.:         9780470856154       Pages:  236 Year: 200508  Format: E-Book   Price:   DRM PDF        £101.43 Synopsis: Financial market volatility forecasting is one of today’s most important areas of expertise for professionals and academics in investment, option pricing, and financial market regulation. While many books address financial market modelling, no single book is devoted primarily to the exploration of volatility forecasting and the…

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Economics for Investment decision makers micro, macro, and international economics

Economics for Investment Decision Makers Micro, Macro, and International Economics by Christopher D. Piros CFA, Jerald E. Pinto, Larry Harris Author(s):  Pinto, Jerald E., Piros, Christopher D., Singh, Sandeep ISBN No.: 9781118105368 Pages: 800      Year:    201303 Highly respected practising financial analysts and senior academic economists worked together to select the topics that appear in this book. The topics were chosen from the body of knowledge that the CFA Institute Education Advisory Committee identified as…

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Foundations of finance (Global ed.) by Arthur J. Keown … [Et al.]

Foundations of finance_global ed. by Arthur J. Keown, John D. Martin and J. William Petty Author(s):      Keown, Arthur J. ISBN No.:         9781292155135 Pages: 548      Year:    201610 The authors use the “Pedagogy That Works” method which they see as deriving the success  of  this  textbook .They endeavor to provide students with conceptual understanding of the financial decision-making process that includes a survey of the tools and techniques of finance. For the student,…

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