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e-Commerce and V-Business Digital Enterprise in the Twenty-First Century 2nd ed by Stuart Barnes

Author(s):        Barnes, Stuart
ISBN No.:        9780750664936
Pages:  402      Year:    200707
Format:           eBook
Electronic commerce and virtual organization are diverse and complex subjects that continue to change the way that businesses behave. Appropriate organization and management is critical to success in these areas and aspects ranging from strategic management, economics, operations management to behavioural science need to be incorporated. An interdisciplinary perspective is vital if the subject is to be understood fully. The transition to bold new business models lies squarely in the competence of managers. E-Commerce and V-Business illustrates the wide variety of business opportunities and describes and discusses the important issues that follow when an organization decides to pursue consumers electronically and to organize its operations virtually. The book presents a good balance of theory and practical issues and the content reflects a global perspective, including contributions front authors, in the UK, US, Germany, Canada, France, Spain, the Netherlands and Australia.

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