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Foundations of finance_global ed. by Arthur J. Keown, John D. Martin and J. William Petty

Author(s):      Keown, Arthur J.

ISBN No.:         9781292155135

Pages: 548      Year:    201610

The authors use the “Pedagogy That Works” method which they see as deriving the success  of  this  textbook .They endeavor to provide students with conceptual understanding of the financial decision-making process that includes a survey of the tools and techniques of finance. For the student, it is all too easy to lose sight of the logic that drives finance and to  focus  instead  on  memorizing  formulas  and  procedures.  As a result, students  have  a  difficult  time  understanding  the interrelationships among the topics covered and later in life, when the problems encountered do not match the textbook presentation, students  may find  themselves unprepared to abstract  from what they have learned. To make it practical and better grasped by students and in later life, thus use the Pedagogy That Works. Follow on it in table of contents. The authors have divided the text in 8 sections:

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