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Introduction to e-Business_ Management and Strategy by Colin Combe


Author(s):        Combe, Colin

ISBN No.:         9780750667319

Pages:  448      Year:    200603

Format:           eBook  Price:   £42.49

Electronic business (e-business) and the internet have revolutionised the way firms operate, how they communicate with others, what products they produce, how they deliver products and services, and how they seek competitive advantage.

It has changed the ‘rules’ of trading by presenting new challenges and opportunities and altering the way firms engage and build relationships with customers. Introduction to E-business highlights the key issues that affect businesses using the internet as a means of trading or improving internal processes. It looks at the way that e-business has implications for the adoption of technology, choice of business models, economics, marketing, legal and security issues, management and the strategies for gaining a competitive advantage.

The book explains the nature and characteristics of e-business in the context of each of these key issues and links the theory and practice of management strategies relating to e-business. Introduction to E-business focuses on the management of e-business and the formulation, implementation and evaluation of e-business strategies showing how organisations manage their resources and create strategies for gaining and sustaining competitive advantage through undertaking e-business. Introduction to E-business is written for undergraduate and postgraduate students who are new to the subject of e-business. The book is also a valuable source of guidance for technical and non-technical practitioners.



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