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Inventing the Electronic Century_The_Epic Story of the Consumer Electronics and Consumer Industries by Alfred D. Chandler

Author(s):        Chandler, Alfred D., Jr.

ISBN No.:         9780674018051

Pages:  322      Year:    200505

Format:           eBook             Price:   £25.95

Consumer electronics and computers redefined life and work in the twentieth century. In Inventing the Electronic Century, Pulitzer Prize-winning business historian Alfred D. Chandler, Jr. traces their origins and worldwide development.

From electronics prime mover RCA in the 1920s to Sony and Matsushita’s dramatic rise in the 1970s; from IBM’s dominance in computer technology in the 1950s to Microsoft’s stunning example of the creation of competitive advantage, this masterful analysis is essential reading for every manager and student of technology.”Thought provoking. Chandler develops the history of the consumer electronics and computer industries with the questioning attitude of a teacher: always searching for the lessons behind the story.”-Andrew S.

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