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Mass Informed Consent_Evidence on Upgrading Democracy with Polls and New Media by Adam F. Simon

Author(s):        Simon, Adam

ISBN No.:         9780742562554      Pages:  238    Year:    201101

Format:           eBook  Price:   £49.95

Synopsis: Public opinion polling permeates today’s politics, yet many seem suspicious of polls and skeptical in their prominence, fearing that over-reliance on public opinion amounts to pandering or that pollsters can manipulate a feeble public. In this book Adam Simon argues that democracy requires that government listen to the public and that sample surveys are the finest democratic technology yet devised. He lays out the fundamentals of public opinion research and illustrates his discussion of the science of polling with recent political hot button issues as case studies_the decision to invade Iraq, partial birth abortion, and the Clinton health care debate. He advocates that poll results meet the standard for mass informed consent and should play a larger role in our politics. Simon concludes with recommendations to improve democracy from the standpoint of citizens, politicians, and the media. Mass Informed Consent will be of special interest to students of public opinion, political behavior, media and politics, interest group politics, and political communication.

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