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Media Today_ An Introduction to Mass Communication by Joseph Turow


Author(s):        Turow, Joseph

ISBN No.:         9780415960595

Edition:           Revised

Pages:  712      Year:    200810

Format:           eBook

Completely revised with updated examples, case studies, and media resources, the third edition of this innovative mass communication textbook is built upon a media systems approach that gives students an insider’s perspective on how mass media industries operate. By making students more knowledgeable about the influences that guide media organizations, Media Today builds media literacy skills to make students sensitive to ways of seeing media content as a means of learning about culture.

Joseph Turow emphasizes throughout the many ways in which media convergence has blurred distinctions between and among various media. Each chapter of Media Today will: guide students through the essential history of media industries examines the current forces shaping their creation, distribution and exhibition explores the impact of emerging trends in media and society from globalization to social networking to video games.


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