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Modest Proposal for Preventing the Children of Poor People in Ireland from Becoming a Burden to their Parents by Jonathan Swift

Author(s):       Swift, Jonathan

ISBN No.:       9781790430451

Pages:  38        Year:   201811      Format: eBook

Synopsis: A Modest Proposal, in full A Modest Proposal for Preventing the Children of Poor People from Being a Burthen to their Parents, or the Country, and for Making Them Beneficial to the Publick, satiric essay by Jonathan Swift, published in pamphlet form in 1729. Presented in the guise of an economic treatise, the essay proposes that the country ameliorate poverty in Ireland by butchering the children of the Irish poor and selling them as food to wealthy English landlords. Swift’s proposal is a savage comment on England’s legal and economic exploitation of Ireland. The essay is a masterpiece of satire, with a blend of rational deliberation and unthinkable conclusion, and its title has come to symbolize any proposition to solve a problem with an effective but outrageous cure.

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