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Real Life Guide to Accounting Research_A Behind the Scenes View of Using Qualitative Research Methods edited by Christopher Humphrey and Bill Lee

Edited by: Christopher Humphrey and Bill Lee

ISBN No.:         9780080515861

Pages:  569   Year:    200404     Format:           E-Book

Synopsis: A book that goes behind the more official presentations and accounts of research methods to explore the lived experiences, joys and mistakes of a wide range of international researchers principally working in the fields of accounting and finance, but also in management, economics and other social sciences. The authors of the articles in this book address a wide range of issues and obstacles that they have confronted at various stages in their respective research careers. In reflecting on their personal experiences, they provide practical guidance on how to overcome the types of problems that typically confront academic researchers in their day-to-day work.Includes:- Practical tips on how to undertake research and get findings published- Research project management skills- International and interdisciplinary perspectives.

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