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Sex and Money : Feminism and Political Economy in the Media edited by Meehan and Riodan

Author(s): Meehan, Eileen R.

ISBN No.:         9780816637881

Pages: 328       Year:  200112

Format:           eBook

Synopsis: It all comes down to sex and money: how the media are organized, how they work, what they say, who gets to say it and to whom. That is the message this book delivers — and then parses for its meaning to society and culture. Forcefully and persuasively, this groundbreaking volume uses the media to show how questions of gender and economics are inextricably linked to issues of power in Western capitalist societies. Integrating political economy and feminism, it offers a new understanding of communication at the personal, experiential, institutional, and structural levels — and exposes all the subtle and complex ways in which sex and money are sutured into individuals’ daily lives

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