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Teaching Revising and Editing : an Annotated Bibliography by Bruce W. Speck, Dean A. Hinnen and Kathleen Hinnen

Author(s):        Speck, Bruce

ISBN No.:         9781593114152

Pages: 220      Year:    200606

“Teaching Revising and Editing” is devoted to the many facets of the writing, revising, and publication process. It provides a comprehensive overview of the literature over the past 25 years and applies to writing activities in K-12, undergraduate, graduate classrooms, and the workplace. Each listing is annotated, giving readers a great deal of significant information about each source. Over 800 annotated entries for books, articles, reports, bibliographies, and other sources are included. The book is divided into sections on teaching revision and editing in academic and nonacademic settings. Special classroom issues such as teaching learning disabled students, non-native writers, and ESL classes are discussed. And, there are sub-sections on business classes, developmental writing classes, and technical writing courses. The nonacademic sections provide sources that cover revising and editing in the general workplace and writing material for newspaper and magazine submissions.

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