Cues: Master the Secret Language of Charismatic Communication Author(s): Van Edwards, Vanessa Imprint: Portfolio ISBN: 9780593332191 Year: 200301


According to the research, warmth and competence cues account for 82 percent of our impressions of others. First, we quickly assess someone”s warmth, answering the question: Can I trust you? Then we look for competence, answering the question: Can I rely on you? And this formula isn”t just at play when making a first impression. Any time people interact with you, they continuously scan for cues to gauge your warmth and competence. And you do the same to others. Whether you are in a business meeting, on a date, with your boss, or with new friends, managing these two traits is essential for your effectiveness. Highly charismatic people exhibit the perfect blend of warmth and competence. They immediately signal trust and credibility. We see them as friendly and smart, impressive and collaborative.


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