Prep, Push, Pivot : Essential Career Strategies for Underrepresented Women Author: Goredema, Octavia ISBN: 9781119789079 Imprint: Wiley Year: 200112

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As the world looks to rebuild in an uncertain future, we cannot continue to let women of color fall behind. Prep, Push, Pivot provides an indispensable career coaching guide for underrepresented women. Whether you’re looking for a new job, dealing with losing one, pivoting into something new, or returning from time out of the workforce, Prep, Push, Pivot delivers strategies to help you advance when you need it the most. Part One is focused on preparation. The first three chapters of Prep lay the foundation for knowing your worth, cementing your career values, and carving your career plan. Part Two is centered on pushing forward. Over the course of three chapters, Push coaches readers on how to position themselves for promotion, navigate a career break, and align their goals as a working parent. Part Three guides the reader through pivotal professional milestones.


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