Reimagining Industry Growth: Strategic Partnership Strategies in an Era of Uncertainty Author: Varroney, Daniel A. ISBN: 9781119855927 Publisher: Wiley Year: 202203


Two significant economic downturns in the space of fifteen years have caught many large companies and industries off-guard. Companies around the world continue to face unprecedented economic challenges and executives are under constant pressure to produce results in the face of these difficulties. Interestingly, many of these executives have yet to realize the benefits that strategic partnerships with industry associations can bring. In Reimagining Industry Growth, influential strategist Daniel A. Varroney delivers a comprehensive overview of strategic partnerships, how they work, and how they can be applied to industry relationships within trade associations. In the book, readers will find factual and detailed case studies that outline strategic partnerships in five distinct industry segments through their associations. Readers will also discover roadmaps for how to apply the lessons learned from these success stories. The author explores the potential strength and value of partnerships with trade associations and how they can move the needle for entire industries.


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