Bridge the Gap: Breakthrough Communication Tools to Transform Work Relationships Author(s): McCleary, Katie & Edwards, Jennifer ISBN: 9781264269112 Publisher: McGraw-Hill Year: 202202

Teamwork is ubiquitous–and underappreciated. Almost every job depends not only on getting the work done, but also on getting that work done through other people. Edwards and McCleary have written a clear and timely guide for any professional who wants to build a better collaborative environment.” — Daniel H. Pink , #1 New York Times bestselling author of When , Drive , and To Sell Is Human ” Bridge the Gap teaches professionals how to intentionally put genuine curiosity at the heart of any working relationship where understanding, collaboration, and respect are paramount for success. Packed with examples and tools, this is a truly practical guide to being effective at work in the twenty-first century.” — Amy C. Edmondson , professor at Harvard Business School; author of The Fearless Organization “For years I have asked ‘Why do people struggle to understand each other?’ It’s the wrong question! A better question is ‘How do any of us ever understand each other?’ And that’s because there is a veritable chasm–the gap as McCleary and Edwards put it–keeping us in our own heads, keeping us lonely and keeping our relationships less effective than they could be.


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