21st Century Monetary Policy: The Federal Reserve from the Great Inflation to Covid-19 Author: Bernanke, Ben S. ISBN: 9781324020462 Publisher: W. W. Norton Year: 202205


In 21st Century Monetary Policy , Ben S. Bernanke–former chair of the Federal Reserve and one of the world’s leading economists–explains the Fed’s evolution and speculates on its future. Taking a fresh look at the bank’s policymaking over the past seventy years, including his own time as chair, Bernanke shows how changes in the economy have driven the Fed’s innovations. He also lays out new challenges confronting the Fed, including the return of inflation, cryptocurrencies, increased risks of financial instability, and threats to its independence. Beyond explaining the central bank’s new policymaking tools, Bernanke also captures the drama of moments when so much hung on the Fed’s decisions, as well as the personalities and philosophies of those who led the institution.


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