The Influencer Code: How to Unlock the Power of Influencer Marketing Author: Russell, Amanda ISBN: 9781578268245 Publisher: Hatherleigh Press Year: 202010

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When you think “influencer marketing”, what do you picture? For many of you, the answer mightin be a pseudo-celebrity with a big social media following–someone who functions as a walking, talking billboard. You know the drill: high-pressure product placement selfies, breathless testimonials, all-caps coupon codes, three-line affiliate links, and all manner of scammy, spammy, and interruptive calls-to-action. Some of these posts might seem pretty slick at first glance–it takes effort to look this good–but how do the brands or influencers find out if they”ve had any real impact on their business goals? Are all of those followers real, engaged people who actually want what you have? Or just a faceless army of bots? Even if the audience is real humans does the ”influencer” actually exert influence over them? And if so, does that influence translate to the action you are trying to reach with your brand? Add to this, the increasing number of negative headlines.


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