CEO Excellence: The Six Mindsets That Distinguish the Best Leaders from the Rest Author: Dewar, Carolyn ISBN: 9781982179670 Publisher: Scribner Book Company Year: 202203


The CEOs of the two thousand largest global companies account for more than $40 trillion in annual revenues (more than twice the size of the world’s largest economy) and employ 68 million people. Yet even when they reach the position of CEO, very few excel in the role. Thirty percent of Fortune 500 CEOs last fewer than three years, and two out of five new CEOs are perceived to be failing within eighteen months of taking the job. A select few, however, rise to become the best of the best–creating superior value for their stakeholders and becoming role models in leadership. Now, in CEO Excellence , the experienced consultants at world-famous McKinsey & Company have used a rigorous method to identify the 21st century’s best CEOs. Starting with a pool of over 2,400 public company CEOs, the top 200 were eventually selected, and a statistically valid sampling of those–sixty-five–agreed to in-depth, multi-hour interviews.


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