Atlas of Extinct Animals Author(s): Maly Radek ; Dvorsky Pavel ; Grbavcic Jiri ISBN: 9788000061269 Format: Hardcover Publisher: Albatros Media 202204


I loved reading this compilation of the intriguing and beautiful animals that used to inhabit our planet. The illustrations were an added bonus and contributed needed visual aid in picturing not only the animal itself but the environment that they would have inhabited. An interesting, beautiful, and useful addition to any and all animal lovers library. Tina Hewitt, blogger Five out of five is the only response to a book that does exactly what it wants to do, and does it better than expected. Check the artwork – the standard is of the “how does this man ever not have a commission” quality, giving great and realistic poses to the critters concerned, and putting just as much care into the background detail as the fur and feathers that are the prime subject


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