Encyclopedia of Ordinary Things Author(s): Sekaninova, Stepanka & Chupikova, Eva ISBN: 9788000061283 Format: Hardcover Publisher: Albatros Media Year: 202105


SHOES Have you ever had the splinteriest of all splinters stuck in your foot? Ouch, owie. If you have, then you know it hurts like hell. Just take a stroll around the garden as you are – with bare feet. Picture it: dewy grass, the rising sun. One wants to enjoy the nature with all their senses but oh, oh! Their pampered feet immediately start protesting: “Help! What are you doing to us, you silly little human? The pebbles are sharp, the twigs prickly, and the grass tickles. Put on your shoes, right now! Phew, what a relief. Hail to the genius who in¬vented shoes.” Well, yeah, but who was it? And what’s the story of shoes, anyway? The first shoe makers Which material was used to make shoes in prehistoric times? That’s a no-brainer! Some bast fibre, bamboo, or palm leaves were more than enough to sew a pair of sandals.


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