How the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World Were Built Author(s): Henkova, Ludmila & Svoboda, Tomas ISBN: 9788000061344 Format: Hardcover Publisher: Albatros Media Year: 202111


Wow this book is so great and so informative! The illustrations are really amazing and all of the building and history information is so cool. I didn’t even know half of that stuff myself.  Visual images supplement the narrative with macro and micro perspectives, including maps, depictions of the monument at various stages of completion, and annotated details. Especially impressive is how the narrative voice strives to speak not only from the present but also from within the ancient world, providing young readers an opportunity to empathize with a human impulse to be remembered through creative acts. The art design’s strong lines and vibrant colors capture the narrative’s enthusiasm and poignancy. Eirini A, Educator.


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