Lost Mountain: A novel. Author(s): Coray, Anne ISBN: 9781513264455 Format: Paperback Publisher: Alaska Northwest Books Year: 0202103


Even after summer had collapsed, after the fireweed seeds ceased clinging to their long brown stems and floated out over the bay on a northeasterly breeze, when the robins were gone, and the swans, after the ground had hardened with a resolute frost, she still expected him. At times she would lapse, find herself lost in a trivial task such as cleaning the windows, her focus narrowed to a smudge on the glass. Or she would be sweeping cobwebs off the ceiling, remorseful for the small life forms whose handiwork she was destroying; or looking out on an overcast day as snow accumulated on the roof of the shed–the flakes hesitant at first, only dusting the mineral paper like white ash before building into half an inch of powder. Then again, the expectation–that he must be coming home. He”d be returning any minute, rounding the corner of the path, a lanky figure, angular as the surrounding mountains, his gait not rapid but sure.


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