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EBusiness essentials technology 25 April 2020

Author(s):        Norris, Mark; West, Steve,
ISBN No.:         9780471521839
Edition:           Revised
Pages:  352      Year:    200103
Format:           eBook
Synopsis: eBusiness is growing rapidly and new issues are emerging in this global and real-time activity. This new edition to the hugely successful eBusiness Essentials explores the increasingly important area of mobile data access. In addition, it shows how eBusiness is evolving and how technology can be progressively used to build more sophisticated solutions. Balancing its technical depth with a clear and practical analysis of market models it enables the reader to deploy the available and emerging technology effectively and appropriately.

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Inventing the Electronic Century

Inventing the Electronic Century_The_Epic Story of the Consumer Electronics and Consumer Industries by Alfred D. Chandler Author(s):        Chandler, Alfred D., Jr. ISBN No.:         9780674018051 Pages:  322      Year:    200505 Format:           eBook             Price:   £25.95 Consumer electronics and computers redefined life and work in the twentieth century. In Inventing the Electronic Century, Pulitzer Prize-winning business historian Alfred D. Chandler, Jr. traces their origins and worldwide development. From electronics prime mover RCA in the 1920s to Sony and…

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Introduction to Multimedia Communications Applications, Middleware, Networking

Introduction to Multimedia Communications Applications, Middleware, Networking by K. Rao, Z.S. Bojkovic and D.A. Milovanovic   Author(s):        Rao, Kamisetty ISBN No.:         9780471656401 Pages:  776      Year:    200601 Format:           E-Book Price: 152 A comprehensive resource on multimedia communications. Covers recent trends and standardization activities in multimedia communications, such as layered structures, underlying theories and the current best design techniques. Describes the convergence of various technologies including communications, broadcasting, information technology, and home electronics, and emerging new communication…

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Introduction to communication network analysis

Introduction to Communication Network Analysis by George Kesidis Author(s):        Kesidis, George ISBN No.:         9780470168677 Pages:  256      Year:    200708 Format:           E-Book E-Book Format: DRM PDF This book is a quantitative text, which focuses on the real issues behind serious modeling and analysis of communications networks. The author covers all the necessary mathematics and theory in order for students to understand the tools that optimize computer networks today. Covers both classical (e.g. queueing theory) and modern (e.g.…

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Introduction to communication electronic warfare

Introduction to Communication Electronic Warfare by Richard A Poisel Author(s):        Poisel, Richard ISBN No.:         9781580535533 Pages: 480      Year:    200201 Format:           E-Book This comprehensive engineering-level resource provides you with an excellent introduction to electronic warfare (EW) for communication systems. Extensively referenced with over 600 equations, it details the components, systems, and operations of electronic warfare systems dedicated to protecting and attacking military communications networks. You are provided with a complete understanding of…

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