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Media and Culture: An Introduction to Mass Communication 25 April 2020

Media and Culture_An Introduction to Mass Communication by Richard Campbell, Christopher R. Martin and Bettina Fabos Author(s):  Campbell, Richard; Martin, Christopher Fabos, Bettina ISBN No.:         9780312644659 Pages:  616      Year:    201102 Format:           eBook This book has been authored by three professors of journalism. Richard Campbell, director of the journalism program at Miami University, is the author of 60 Minutes and the News: A Mythology for Middle America (1991) and coauthor of Cracked Coverage: Television News, the…

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Sex and Money : Feminism and Political Economy

Sex and Money : Feminism and Political Economy in the Media edited by Meehan and Riodan Author(s): Meehan, Eileen R. ISBN No.:         9780816637881 Pages: 328       Year:  200112 Format:           eBook Synopsis: It all comes down to sex and money: how the media are organized, how they work, what they say, who gets to say it and to whom. That is the message this book delivers — and then parses for its meaning to society and culture.…

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