Author: Liu, Dave Title: The Way of the Wall Street Warrior: Conquer the Corporate Game Using Tips ISBN: 9781119811909

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Chapter 25 Make a Deal with the Devil: A Very, Very Short Chapter on Ethics What Would Christian Bale Do? The Joneses Run to Mommy Chapter 26 Parlay Your Way to Success: Social Proof Yourself Become a Kardashian Weapon of Mass Destruction Have You Arrived? Chapter 27 Money Can Buy Happiness: Duh! Don”t Be a Creep When Is Enough, Enough? Pursuing Happiness Chapter 28 Writing Checks Your Body Can”t Cash: Mismanaging Your Life Resident of Fat City Spending Time in All the Wrong Places The Work-Life Tradeoff Sham Default Yourself Chapter 29 It”s Quitting Time: Exit the Stage Why We Stay The Talk How to Leave Chapter 30 The Afterlife: Now What? Be a Hero Conclusion

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