Animal Adaptations: Unique Body Parts Author(s): Piro, Radka & Larina, Lida ISBN: 9788000061337 Format: Hardcover Publisher: Albatros Media Year: 202102

Each page starts with a question – Whose eye is that? Which animal has such shaggy fur? – followed by a hint or fun fact. The page has a peek-through circle that reveals just enough of the animal beneath for children to make a guess. The cut-out page folds outward, revealing a three-page spread that offers more information about the animal and the adaptation in question (sight, skin types, leg formation, etc.) The illustrations are fun and colorful but not too cartoonish. The animals are drawn with personality but arestill identifiable as specific wild animals. Children will enjoy comparing adaptations across several animal types and learning about how an animal’s body type affects the way they live, eat, and move


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