Fundamental Communication Skills Author(s): Butcher, Joni ISBN: 9781792429279 Publisher: Kendall/Hunt Publishing Format: Paperback Year: 202105

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Chapt. 1: What Is Communication? Why Study Communication? Communication Defined Features of Communication Communication Components Social Media Developing Communication Skills 2 Communicating in Groups Definition of Small Group Communication Group Roles Group Leadership Styles and The Managerial Leadership Grid TM The Seven Managerial Grid Styles Group Conflict Four Work-Related Communication Styles Most and Least Compatible Communication Styles 3 Communicating Cultural Identities Communication and Culture Intercultural Communication Social Performance in Everyday Life Rituals and Festivals Cultural Storytelling Popular Culture 4 Communicating in Everyday Interactions Conversation Skills Apologies Lying Equivocal Messages Confirming and Disconfirming Messages Power, Self-Presentation, and Compliance-Gaining Conflict Types of Conflict Conflict Resolution Strategies 5 Communicating as Art Visual Techniques Installation Art New Media Art Subversive Remix Video Intertextuality in Media Texts Parody 6 Communicating Social and Political Change The Origins of Public Discourse The Ethical Speaker Today Argumentative Persuasion Manipulative Persuasion.

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