Fundamentals of Human Communication Author(s): West, Dan ISBN: 9781524935047 Publisher: Kendall/Hunt Publishing Format: Paperback Year: 201708

Chapter 1: Introduction: Why Study Communication?
Chapter 2: What Is Communication?
Chapter 3: The Field of Communication
Communication in Action: Activity #1: Introducing Yourself
Chapter 4
: Information Reception
Chapter 5: Verbal Messages
Chapter 6: Nonverbal Messages
Chapter 7: Relationships
Communication in Action: Activity #2: Interpersonal Activity Packet
Chapter 8
: Relationships in a Digital Age
Chapter 9: Falling in Love (or Like) Online
Chapter 10: “When Do I Get a Break?”
Chapter 11: “You Don’t Just Not Get Married”
Communication in Action: Activity #3: Our Digital Selves
Chapter 12
: Groups
Chapter 13: Organizational Communication
Chapter 14: Intercultural Communication
Chapter 15: Health Communication
Communication in Action: Activity #4: A Letter to Your Instructor


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