How Kids Celebrate Christmas Around the World Author(s): Hanackova, Pavla; Neradova, Maria & Medkova, Karolina ISBN: 9788000061313 Format: Hardcover Publisher: Albatros Media Year: 202109


This book which is geared towards children was honestly enlightening to me as a twenty four year old. I was very intrigued to learn how others around the world celebrate Christmas each year and when they celebrate. This is a holiday that celebrates the day Jesus was baptised. In Japan they celebrate Girls’ Day, celebrating good health and fortune for their girls. In Mexico we learned about Dia De Muertos (the Day of the Dead). On each layout we are introduced to a character who tells us all about their holiday and the things that they love about the holiday. Each page has the holiday origin and where it is celebrated. Readers will also learn about the different foods or activities associated with the holiday.


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