Moral Issues in Parenting. Author(s): Anthony Graybosch ISBN: 9781465250391 Publisher: Kendall/Hunt Publishing Format: EBook & Paperback Year: 201408

TABLE of CONTENTS: GETTING STARTED: SPERM DONATION — The Moral Complexity of Sperm Donation  Rivka Weinberg —- WHAT IS A FAMILY? Artificial Means of Reproduction and Our Understanding of the Family Ruth Macklin —- WHY HAVE CHILDREN?   The Speech of Diotima   Plato  — Friendship   Aristotle    Why Have Children?G. E. M. Anscombe    — ARE THERE PRENATAL RIGHTS?   Moral Obligations to the Not-Yet-Born Child  Thomas H. Murray    —- The Family   Alan Donagan    The Moral Permissibility of Abortion   Margaret Olivia Little     WHEN IS ABORTION MORAL?    — Why Abortion Is Immoral   Don Marquis — Responsible Women and Abortion Decisions   Martha Brandt Bolton   — WHAT IS THE MORALITY OF DIVORCE IN FAMILIES WITH YOUNG CHILDREN? — Divorce  Bertrand Russell — Children and the Ethics of Divorce  Laurence D. Houtgate  — ARE ABUSE AND NEGLECT CULTURALLY RELATIVE? — She’s 13, He’s 20: Is It Love or Abuse?   Matt Lait and Lee Romney — Culture as Justification, Not Excuse    Elaine M. Chiu — Judging Other Cultures Martha Nussbaum — Hands Off Clitoridectomy  Yael Tamir  — SHOULD YOU RAISE YOUR CHILD FOR AN OPEN FUTURE?   — The Case for Gay Marriage  Richard D. Mohr — The Child’s Right to an Open Future  Joel Feinberg — ARE THERE FAMILY DUTIES TO CARE FOR ELDERLY PARENTS? — Letting Go of My Father  Jonathan Rauch  — HOW SHOULD WE LIVE?   Moral Saints   Susan Wolf  — What Makes a Life Significant   William James.


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