Good Data : An Optimist’s Guide to Our Digital Future Author(s): Gilbert, Sam ISBN No.: 9781787396333 Pages: 320 Year: 202202


AN FT BUSINESS BOOK OF THE MONTH ‘An essential read’ Diane Coyle, University of Cambridge ‘We are currently living in a moment of extreme pessimism about data. This book will change your mind.’ It’s impossible to escape digital technology. And with that comes fear. But whatever the news has told you about data and technology, think again. Data expert and tech insider turned Cambridge researcher Sam Gilbert shows that, actually, this data revolution could be the best thing that ever happened to us. Good Data examines the incredible new ways this information explosion is already helping us – whether that’s combating inequality, creating jobs, advancing the frontiers of knowledge or protecting us from coronavirus. We are standing on the edge of greatness, we just need to know how to get there.


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