What They Forgot to Teach You at School: Essential Emotional Lessons Needed to Thrive. Author(s): de Botton, Alain & Verioti, Andrei ISBN: 9781912891399 Format: Hardcover Publisher: School of Life Year: 202110

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Wanting to do something isn”t enough. You must always ask, not just take. The thing you want is probably owned by someone else, and they have to give you their approval. A lot of what you crave may hurt others. You need to act a bit less and think a bit more. In fact, a great deal of what you want is just a terrible idea. The smile that comes back indulgently but firmly on a hundred thousand occasions says as much: no, that”s someone else’s; no, we don’t do that sort of thing here; no, that would be unkind. Unfortunately, it seems as though the most exciting new ideas continuously defy the rules of existence: apparently, you can”t just strap a radio to the hamster, you can”t eat only cake for lunch, you can’t bury your brother in sand, you can”t drill a hole in someone’s head to hear their thoughts.


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