Business Ethics: What Everyone Needs to Know Author(s): Nelson, J. S. ISBN: 9780190610265 Publisher: OUP Year: 202205


Nelson and Stout have written a readable and eminently usable book that answers the questions that real business people–whether they are organizational leaders or middle managers or entry employees–wonder and even worry about. What”s more, their answers are informed and supported by research but presented in a directly applicable manner. Most importantly, their responses are in themselves ”tools” and ”scripts” for those of us who want to behave in accordance with our best values. And the research presented here clarifies that this is most of us.” — Mary C. Gentile, author of Giving Voice To Values: How To Speak Your Mind When You Know What”s Right, and Creative Director of Giving Voice to Values “This is a well-written book for anyone interested in corporations and their conduct. It”s an excellent resource for students and faculty.” — Timothy Fort, Eveleigh Professor of Business Ethics, Kelley School of Business “When two prominent legal scholars put their personal stamp on the issue now galvanizing the planet, how ethics fits in with modern business, it is time to pay attention.


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