DeFi and the Future of Finance Author: Harvey, Campbell R. Publisher: Wiley Year: 202108

A powerful vision of the future democratization of finance. Details of the winners and the losers. “DeFi, like the internet, will likely make financial services cheaper, faster, secure,personalized, and more. The future has yet to be written. This book provides a peek into it, and you, the reader, hold the power to create it.” –FRED EHRSAM, Co-founder and Managing Partner, Paradigm; Co-founder, Coinbase “For newcomers, DeFi is often difficult to approach and understand. The lack of general resources adds additional hurdles for beginners looking to dip their toes into the space. This book gives the reader clear, concise descriptions of some of the most popular DeFi protocols today including lending, Automated Market Makers, and more.


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