The Hero’s Journey : Illuminating Your Life/Career Path Author(s): Ferguson, Patricia ISBN: 9781792425226 Publisher: Kendall/Hunt Publishing Format: Paperback Year: 202105


The world has become a global village connected by the speed of information processing via the Internet. Students need to look inward to identify themselves and their “”bliss”” while also being in tune with the interpersonal skills needed to succeed in an increasingly diverse world. The Hero’s Journey differs from many life/career planning books in several fundamental ways. It includes chapters on emotional intelligence, social intelligence/diversity, and critical thinking to address the abilities one will need to have when entering the current job market. The twenty-first-century workplace requires more skills than any generation in the past. These skills go well beyond simply having the skills required to perform the duties and functions of a particular job. Unique to the market, The Hero’s Journey: Utilizes the “”whole person”” approach that focuses on the internal landscape of the person. It is internally directed and operates on the premise that everything “”out there”” begins with understanding what is going on inside.


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