The Tradition: Civic Dialog Edition. Author(s): Brown, Jericho ISBN: 9781556596421 Format: Paperback Publisher: Copper Canyon Press Year: 202204


We do not know the history Of this nation in ourselves. We Do not know the history of our- Selves on this planet because We do not have to know what We believe we own. We believe We own your bodies but have no Use for your tears. We destroy The body that refuses use. We use Maps we did not draw. We see A sea so cross it. We see a moon, So land there. We love land so Long as we can take it.

Shhh. We Can’t take that sound. What is A mother wailing? We do not recognize music until we can Sell it. We sell what cannot be Bought. We buy silence. Let us Help you. How much does it cost To hold your breath underwater? Wait. Wait.


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